Do not estimate the power of white vinegar because it is a very useful tool in your house. It is essential for cleaning your toilets, microwaves, counter-tops and sinks. It has a pH of about 2.4 so that it means it is acidic and that has antibacterial properties and it will kill mold. It will surely lift the dirt from any surface.


We are going to show you how to use vinegar to clean your carpet from stains and bad odors. Vinegar is safe for your pets and children plus it is eco-friendly. It is also very cheap and you can buy it in any supermarkets.

Like any other cleaners for carpets test it on a small portion of the carpet to test it is safe for the color of the carpet somewhere hidden like the bottom of the furniture. Wet your towel with vinegar and apply it to the stain on your carpet. Before you blot it, let it sit for a few minutes. You must also check on it after twenty hours to check if the color fades.


When you are cleaning fresh stains from the carpet like food stains, pet mess or footprints with mud then white vinegar is really for you. AS soon as the mess occurs on your carpet, make sure that you clean it as soon as possible before it sets into the fibers of the carpet and then, it will be difficult for you to remove. The longer it sits there, the more it will cling to the fibers of your carpet, so act on it quickly. If there is a solid substance in your carpet, scoop it instead of wiping it. The liquid should be absorbed instead of wiping it harshly. The towel that you are going to use while blotting the liquid should be color-safe. Spray 100% of vinegar solution to the area in the spot. Repeat as many times as possible until it is already invisible and allow it to fully dry.


Chemical cleaners can be replaced by plain vinegar in your home steaming machine. You just have to follow the instructions from the manufacturer and put the vinegar into it. Then, your carpet can be cleaned just like the normal. Although your room may smell like vinegar, it will just disappear when it completely dries and you will not need to rinse it.


Put one tablespoon of vinegar, a tablespoon of baking soda and put two cups of water inside a spray bottle. Shake the mixture well. Make sure that the mixture has no more bubbles when you lightly spray into the carpet for cleaning. Allow it to dry completely so that it will not smell of vinegar. The vinegar-smelling odor will be gone if you do this step.

Truly, vinegar is one of the most common things found inside your home and it is not just for cooking but for cleaning too. Aside from it is very cheap and affordable; it is also very easy to use. You can ask around or research it and its effectiveness to make sure. If you follow the steps that we told you about, the stain and odor from your carpet will surely be gone.


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