Not all carpet cleaning machines are created equal, thus, you need to know the best carpet cleaning machines out there in the market for you to avoid wasting your money on something that is not important and will only cause you headache and bad carpet by the end of the day.


Our only goal is to help you in choosing the best one to remove the toughest stain in your carpet. Be sure that you read thoroughly our list down below for more information so that there will be no money, time and effort will be wasted.

  1. Hoover Max Extract Pressure Pro

This machine has brushed that are counter-rotating that can spin in 360-degree circles for more gentle but very clean carpet surface. It has 10-amp motor, five brushes, 13-inch shampooer nozzles, clear plastic tank design for better visibility, forced heated air, 20 pounds in weight, has 2 tanks that has a capacity of 1 gallon. This equipment is also very easy to use around your room because it has a 9 ft hose, a 20 foot cord for power and a hand tool.  It has a 2 year warranty but it is guaranteed as very durable. It is also very affordable for 185$.

  1. Bissell Proheat 2x Healthy home

This machine has a very high power rating as compared to other equipments sold in the market and it assures you of a very clean home free of any contaminants. This equipment has a spraying crevice tool, heavy duty spot cleaning tool, two brush rolls, cleanshot technology, 12-amp deep cleaner, 2 in 1 tank for water, has built in water heater and hot air system, adjustable in height, heavy duty spot cleaning tool, only weighs 26 pounds and has 30 foot for its power cord. It only has 1 year warranty that covers the replacing and repairing of the components on your vacuum. This is only for 250$ and  it will surely bring you a more pleasant home. This is rated with an 8 over 10.

  1. Bissell Deep Clean Pet Deep Cleaner

Still from Bissell, this was built for people who have pets on their homes. It can surely remove hair from your pets and it will separate it through a circulating system on the machine. It has a spray nozzle with solution, heater, 12 cleaning bristles, s shaped brushes, 1.25 gallon water tank, easy removable pet hair basket, strain trapper for pet urine, 1 ft wide cleaning path, 3 cleaning settings. It only weighs 24.8 pounds and has 22 ft power cord. This equipment is backed with a three year warranty and this is very useful for anyone that is going to purchase it.

Depending on what country you are located, there are still more equipment that can provide you with the best service quality possible. Make sure that you look at the specs of the product before proceeding to buy it. Also note that as a safety precaution my friend in Missouri who runs a furnace repair Columbia Mo residents can vouch for that any carpet cleaning machine needs to be used with extreme care around certain gas furnaces. The internal motor and bushings on the machine can ignite the gas or lp fumes. Just use caution please! This will save you your money and effort.


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